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Home on Lagrange

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The year is 1970, all research points to one inevitable conclusion, that the planet’s finite resources are becoming scarcer, and there is only one way to solve this cosmic problem, we must colonise space.

Home on Lagrange is a strategic card game set on the high frontier of outer space. Players compete with one another to construct fully functional space stations, built from an assortment of modules, which are yours to fill with a wide array of inhabitants, technologies, and other unknown curiosities.

Will your station be a bastion of education, where technological advancement is strived for daily, or a recreational stronghold, where the late night get down reigns supreme? It’s up to you to choose your own space adventure!

What's in the Box?

  • 42 Module Cards
  • 102 Resource Cards
  • The Admiral's Log (book)
  • Instruction Manual
  • 5 Reference Cards

The Admiral's Log is a 176 page book of 70 short captivating stories covering all the possible combinations of space stations you may create in the game. Full of references to science fiction and popular culture, the stories are the only way to know the outcome of your station, and as a bonus, they’ve been written to give you a good laugh too.

These stories are also available in our online, animated and narrated, Admirals Log, available here!

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