One Year On

When I woke up this morning at 6am it was dark. I could hear the rain on the roof and with my shoulder peeking out of the bed covers I could feel how cold the house was. 

Today is a Grizzly Games day. Thats a day where I get to work with Callum on our games in the hope that I can have more Grizzly Game days more frequently, and less, lets call them, non-Grizzly Games days. 

It’s mid morning before I realise that it’s almost a year to the day that we started this project. After stumbling upon an idea for a game and a common enthusiasm to do something different with our lives; something we’re both passionate about.

Initially we thought the game would be ready early summer to launch, then after about a month we realised how ridiculous the was and that by September or late autumn everything should be ready to go. This plan lasted a little longer (I’d say 3 months) until we again realised that things should be ready in early (like, really early) 2018.

We definitely could have tried to get things ready sooner but we didn’t want to rush things and make mistakes. We’ve read every book, blog and article about the what to do and what not to do when making a boardgame with the hope of launching on kickstarter and finally things are starting to fall into place. It’s been a fun year. 

We went to Airecon and UK Games EXPO and got our game ripped apart by play testers and played loads of other games with lots of great people. (I may have bought too many games as well, I like to think of it as research but my fiancée feels very differently about it.)

I’ve spent the morning reflecting. It’s getting exciting at Grizzly Game HQ now, (Callum’s home office) and with that excitement comes huge amounts of nervousness and trepidation. We’re so excited to launch and see what people make of the game. We’re even more excited to get the game into people’s hands so they can get playing (if all goes well of course).

I’m trying not to give too much away but here’s a snippet:

Our game is called Home on Lagrange. It’s set in a post NASA, hopeful, utopian mid-century world (actually off world) and we believe that when you’re playing, it can transport you back to that time. (Not that either of us were there the first time around). Between us we’ve just broke through 400 play throughs, which means we have attempted to build almost 800 different Space Colonies. Although I appear to have only won about 50, so most of my stations we’re attempts and not the finished article. Hopefully you guys will fare better than I will in the vacuum of space.

Over and Out,


P.S. we should be ready to launch in January, we hope you can join us on our journey

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