10. It’s launch day for Home on Lagrange.

9. We’re terrified.

8. Have we forgotten to do something before we hit launch? 

7. We have all our fingers and toes crossed.

6. Thanks Jamey Stegmaier, we're currently going through your checklists trying to find the answer to 8. 

5. Why am I writing this blog post on the same day as we launch?

4. We’d planned to go for lunch to celebrate but now neither us know if we can eat. (I’m totally lying, Callum better get his act together, I’m hungry!)

3. We’re launching at 3 pm GMT, if you’re one of our family or friends, don’t worry we’ll let you know!

2. We don’t have snacks, this is a disaster, Houston wait…

1. Not turning back now.

Houston we have lift off. 

Just to clarify, we’re live guys. After 18 months of hard work, ‘Home on Lagrange’ is now live on Kickstarter, if you get chance to check it out it would mean the world to us, thank you for all your support!

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